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What are the advantages of transparent LED display?
Mar,10,2022 Article source:Transparent LED Display

  What are the advantages of transparent LED display?

  1. Permeability

  The most important parameter index of transparent LED display screen is the transmittance. The transmittance of chuangkai led transparent screen is as high as 80% - 90%, which will not affect the indoor daylighting when installed indoors.

  2. Product performance

  Product performance is one of the core parameters for testing the transparent LED display screen. Chuangkaiguang transparent LED display screen has the invention patent of side sticking positive luminescence and the utility model patent on the lamp strip inlaid with lamp beads. The performance of a product depends entirely on its core components. If the core department is stable, the display effect will be guaranteed. The strong display effect of positive luminescence It is enough to kill the light-emitting LED transparent screen on the upper side of the market. Chuangkai light transparent LED display adopts standardized operation process in the production process to ensure the quality of products.

  3. Product perspective

  The viewing angle of the positive luminous transparent LED display can reach 140 degrees horizontally / vertically. With a wide viewing angle, the integrity of the picture can be ensured when viewing, which plays a better role in publicity. Your friend is using chuangkai light transparent LED display. How about you?


  4. Product installation

  Transparent LED display screen is installed in many ways to meet the application requirements of various scenarios. Because chuangkaiguang transparent LED display adopts aluminum alloy profile box, in addition to the traditional installation method, it also increases the hoisting and base installation method, and can also be customized according to the on-site design, which is to meet the needs of users.

  5. Product weight

  The weight of the product can reduce the transportation cost to a certain extent. The weight of the positive luminous LED transparent screen is 15kg / m2.

  6. Precautions for maintenance and use

  The product will certainly encounter problems in the use process, improper operation of personnel, environmental factors, product quality problems and so on. After confirming that it is a product quality problem, we will send our after-sales engineer to the site to solve the problem at the first time. If there is a problem with a module, we will remove the screw and replace it with a good module; If there is a problem with a light bar, we will change a good light bar; If there is a problem with one of the lamp beads, we will change it on the spot. The maintenance time of transparent LED display is not comparable with that of traditional LED display.